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A subscription service where pro players provide direct and one-to-one personal insights as well as positive criticism to young players who are building their playing skills and knowledge. One can upload a 15 second live video clip or previously recorded. The videos will then be archived onto the profiles of young athletes where they can have a record of what the experts have said about their skills.

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ThatsGame connects young athletes with professional mentors. They aspire and elevate future athletes with comprehensive knowledge from sports experts. These professionals have reached the pinnacle of the sport, and influence future generations of players.

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User Flow
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Coaching Videos

Thatsgame allows video evaluation for young athletes, members can upload short videos of their games for immediate feedback from pro players. Feedback can be in the form of written comments, audio or both.

Coaching Videos
Key Features

Key Features

Recognition for professionals for their sport-specific expertise, Blockchain secures Private Vault for all members, and controls your own data and creative content on a platform secured by blockchain.

Fast and Easy Subscription

You can select your membership type as per your requirements. Thatsgame offers an enhanced and extensive range of functionalities in premium version. So, choose your plan today!

Fast and Easy Subscription
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Create Profile

To create a new profile on Thatsgame, Select user types such as Player, Pro Mentor, Family, and Other. After that, upload a video clip demonstrating your game to get evaluated from a professional mentor. Access to exclusive ProTalk audio and video content

Check Profiles

You can check profiles to watch athlete-driven content across sports, which is created, orchestrated and administered by the athletes themselves.

Check Profiles
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