Mobile App Development

Currently there are many mobile applications to facilitate work in many sectors and have also changed the habits of life and consumption of the population. This has generated a growing market, in which a good idea can mean a business that, depending on its success, can be a great success or an absolute failure. Many entrepreneurs have focused their business idea through these platforms and the online media, as well as companies with more tradition, but in many cases, they do not have specialized technical knowledge in this field, and you have to resort to the services of a programmer Freelance or a company specialized in App development. Zazz is among the best agency here in Los Angeles.

App Development Technologies

iOS App Development

The undeniable success of iPhone in the business world makes it very interesting to have corporate applications as a marketing and customer communication tool. We develop professional applications for iPhone, creating a software perfectly adapted to the device: from the conceptualization of the idea, to the programming, development and distribution management.

Android App Development

Android has come to unseat iPhone in a number of users, and its figures and possibilities seem endless. The range of applications is very wide. In Zazz we offer the development of Android applications with all the flexibility and possibilities offered by an open platform such as this one, to target millions of potential customers.

Mobile Backend Engineering

Depending on the budget allocated to the App development, it may have back-end (data access layer) or not, apart from the front-end (or presentation layer). For the design of native applications, it is necessary to have the services of a company or freelance programmer with experience specialized in the main platforms and operating systems for mobile devices.

QA and Testing

Zazz believes in quality assurance therefore we conduct number of tests to make sure that our end product is free of all glitches and errors. We have integrated all contemporary mobile app testing methods and even provide testing services to major development agencies.

Our Android App Development Approaches

Native App Development

The hybrid applications are designed and developed to be compatible with different platforms and operating systems for mobile devices. They offer lower quality, performance and performance than native applications, and the cost is noticeably lower.

Hybrid App Development

The hybrid applications are designed and developed to be compatible with different platforms and operating systems for mobile devices. They offer lower quality, performance and performance than native applications, and the cost is noticeably lower.

Mobile App Development

One of the key functions of modern digital environments is to be multi-channel. Establishing an effective presence in the channels that provide contact with potential customers is an important business challenge.

Mobile apps are considered to be one of the most powerful tools for contacting target groups when it comes to business. Almost every adult in the world has a smartphone and this market continues to grow. That's a heavier argument for why you should focus on mobile technology.

Increased sales

This is a new channel through which you can increase your business profits. It can be a significant increase depending on the size of the audience.

With marketing, discount and bonus push notifications you can motivate customers to buy from you. You can directly contact all users who have installed your app. For example, a company may send a special offer to customers who are close to their store or office using geolocation technology offline.

Another advantage of an app is the ability to make mobile payments, whose popularity is growing rapidly. People no longer want to spend time shopping, because the same things can be bought with a smartphone while taking a cup of coffee at home.

Customer base

You can create relationships with your customers wherever they are in the world. A person does not have to remember your URL or refer to a search engine, like a website, because the app is already installed on their device. Depending on functionality, you can even use it without access to the Internet.

Every new user who installs your mobile app will enter your information space. Therefore, it is worth using different methods to increase the number of installations; for example, you can offer bonuses and discounts in return.

The combination of “website + mobile app” gives a double dividend for the company. The company's Internet resource attracts customers' attention thanks to search engines, and when a visitor enters the smartphone program through the website, the company can work with more targeted communication with them.

Marketing and communication channels

Mobile apps can be used successfully to attract brand awareness through various marketing campaigns. In this way, you expand the potential customer and develop trust relationships with them. The fact is: launching your own app is an advertising step because it lets you use other marketing tools. For example, you can publish news about relevant resources or send out press releases.
Particularly valuable in this context is the opportunity to receive user feedback. For example, you can run surveys, conduct surveys, and enable users to report errors, and so on.

Optimize your business process

You can create an app for employee interactions in the team, as well as monitor and manage all processes, exchange files and data and, for example, compile some statistics. Mobile apps can be effectively used for organizing and automating multiple business tasks.

Creating products targeted exclusively for use within the company is quite common. In this way, for example, you can ensure uninterrupted interaction between employees, regardless of their current locations.

Increased customer loyalty

By enabling customers to book tables, order food or pay for their order with the app on their smartphone, the company gets a powerful tool to increase loyalty. Integrate loyalty programs in the mobile app and share useful promotions, discounts or bonuses with customers.

You can take full advantage of the customization tools by sending push notifications about new promotions and discounts. You can offer users who have installed the app access to exclusive offers and special bonuses.

If people want to get more information about your business, or the products and services you offer, they can always do it around the clock through the mobile app. Constant interaction increases loyalty and in turn a good loyalty level stimulates sales.

A source of useful analysis

By using a mobile app, you can collect very useful information for further analysis. For example, you can learn what products your customers buy the most. Besides how much time they spend on the app. Or even, which features are the most used and which are the least popular?

By tracking how people interact with your app, you can understand how to improve it to give them a better user experience. Understanding your customers is the key to success in any business niche. You can get information about visitors' geolocation, demographic data, information about interests and other interesting statistics that you can use and benefit from.

Competitive advantages

Not all companies take full advantage of the potential of their own websites, let alone their mobile apps. Some companies don't even have them, because for some reason they think they are unnecessary! Competition in this area is still low and it should definitely be exploited.

If you succeed in being the first to start using mobile apps as a marketing and sales tool, you can certainly strengthen your position for the future. In today's highly competitive world, it is necessary to take as many opportunities as you can to educate about your brand and increase your recognition.

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